Mara’s Room

My latest interior project was a really fun one! I was asked to design and make a bed and bedroom furniture for a lovely wee lass called Mara who is 13. Mara and her Mum initially were going to fit out her room with furniture from IKEA, but decided they would get something much more unique (for the same cost) hiring me instead. 

We had a great wee consultation and locked down colours and spoke about the general feel of the room. We planned to make as much as possible out of recycled material and using pallets to make the bed. 

Another element of the bed was using the space underneath. I decided to use one side as a storage side, and make the other side in to a brilliant wee den for Mara to chill out and read her books. 

I spent a fun week in my workshop designing the bed and making the wardrobe, the wee shelves, a shoe rack, loads of cushions and the two storage creates for under the bed. 

The bed was too big to make in my workshop, so I headed out to my friend Sarah’s house and built it in her garden. 

Then dismantled it and managed to fit it all in my Vauxhall Combo… it was a good game of van Tetris!! Check it out…

Mara and her Dad painted the bed whilst it was in bits and I came round a few days later and built it in situ. 

All of the other elements of the design were made in my workshop, I had such good fun picking the colours for the shelf brackets (I painted them all different colours) and picked complementary colours for the cushions. 

Once all the furniture was fitted, I left Mara to make herself at home and get all her bits and bobs in their new places. I went back a few days ago with my photographer pal, Chris Lyon (@sealy0n on Instagram – check out his ace photos!!) and took some shots of the finished room! I am super chuffed with how it turned out, and thankfully so is Mara. She loves it!! 🙂 

Here are a selection of shots by Chris Lyon. 

Author: louiseforbesdesign

My work life is wonderfully varied. I co-own Tayberry Gallery in Perth, Scotland with jeweller Sarah Spalding. When I'm not in the gallery I do my own work, which usually involves wood! I make lots of wooden kitchen products, hand carved spoons, stirrey sticks and bowls boards. I'm also an interior designer, so do consultations and full interiors. As well as my own businesses I work as an install technician at the DCA and Dundee University. I was involved with the install of the Dundee Design Festival in 2017, in West Ward Works - it was a brilliant building to work in.

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