First blog!

This is the post excerpt.

I always fancied starting a blog, but saw it as a big scary commitment that I wasn’t ready for. After years of folk saying “you should blog”…. I’m doing it, finally!!! 

I’m planning to do regular short updates, think that’s best for my brain, the longer I leave it the scarier it will seem. 

Going to leave this first one as a super short and sweet intro! Here’s me hanging about inside a big wall we built on the last DCA install. 🙂 

Author: louiseforbesdesign

My work life is wonderfully varied. I co-own Tayberry Gallery in Perth, Scotland with jeweller Sarah Spalding. When I'm not in the gallery I do my own work, which usually involves wood! I make lots of wooden kitchen products, hand carved spoons, stirrey sticks and bowls boards. I'm also an interior designer, so do consultations and full interiors. As well as my own businesses I work as an install technician at the DCA and Dundee University. I was involved with the install of the Dundee Design Festival in 2017, in West Ward Works - it was a brilliant building to work in.

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